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Design construction system


Athion-X is an aluminum design construction system with a luxurious and elegant appearance. The building system is suitable for stand builders and interior designers.


The frame system consists of 4 profiles that are firmly connected by X-shaped sections. The framework can be fitted with lighting, panels, banners and virtually any decorative materials you may require.



Advantages of the
Athion-X construction system


benefit 1 Large variety of decorative applications

benefit 2 Sleek, modern design

benefit 3 High-quality finish

benefits Easy assembly, without screws

 Fast, construction system

 Elegant, luxurious appearance



Athion-X Connecting cube
all variations


 € 130,-

Athion-X frame incl. centre tube
per lineaire meter


 € 115,-

Athion-X footplate

incl. fixing screws


 € 55,-

Athion-X frame 
per lineaire meter


 € 100,-

Introduction price:


Up to 40% discount!  ​

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The building system has a high-quality finish and a sleek design. It is very easy to assemble the system thanks to its patented connection technology.


The colours champagne, dark blue, bronze, black, white aluminum and brushed stainless steel look are available.


This aluminum design building system is a real eye-catcher! Creating the sphere you want has never been easier.


Design impressions​

Topclamp DE
Topclamp EN
Topclamp NL
Topclamp Aluminium profile joint system
Topclamp Aluminium profile joint system
Topclamp EN