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Topclamp Stainless steel brackets


Topclamp Wood Stainless steel brackets allow the quick and easy connection of wooden beams creating a strong, attractive structure. All wood types are possible. 


The stainless-steel brackets are different to the aluminum version due to a thinner wall thickness and are available for larger beam sizes (120, 150 and 200mm).


The stainless-steel brackets are of course also weather resistant.


This makes them suitable for sturdy outdoor structures such as fences, pergolas, carports, conservatories, greenhouses and other coverings. Furniture (inside, outside) can also be quickly constructed using this beautiful product.


The stainless-steel brackets are available in 5 standard sizes. However, we can also produce these for any other beam size. Custom connections are also possible.


Below the standard beam sizes for which the brackets are suitable:


Beam size 50mm              inner size 51,5x51,5mm

Beam size 100mm            inner size 101,5x101,5mm

Beam size 120mm            inner size 122x122mm

Beam size 150mm            inner size 152x152mm

Beam size 200mm            inner size 202x202mm


Benefits of Topclamp Stainless steel joints


By using the Topclamp Stainless steel joints design construction system you will enjoy the following benefits:


benefit 1 Available in all sizes

benefit 2 Sleek, modern design

benefit 3 High-quality finish

benefits Easy assembly

 Fast construction system

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