Topclamp Original

Our engineers are ready to develop new products together with you. We receive requests to develop various assignments every day. Due to the creativity and experience of our engineers, we can handle complex assignments.


Do you have an idea, but no visual interpretation? We offer you a free technical drawing so that you can further develop your idea.


Topclamp - Connecting ideas to reality​

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 You can assemble or disassemble your construction quickly and easily with an Allen key or cordless drill.


We think in terms of solutions, build custom made constructions and provide a free technical drawing for you.

Fast delivery

Within a week you can have the untreated aluminium Topclamp construction system in house. Urgent assignments are possible on request.


For the environment we have developed the Topclamp products in such a way that the parts are reusable and can be recycled easily.

Free technical drawing​


We carry out various processes on Topclamp parts and plate material. We supply customized products!


  • Sawing
  • Drilling / counter boring   
  • Laser engraving
  • Sanding
  • Bending
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Punching
  • Press brake
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Welding

Surface treatments

You can have the materials surface treated. We can carry out the following treatments:


  • Powder coating (incl. metallic colours)
  • Anodising (Note: Anodising brings some limitations, ask our staff for more information.)​

Topclamp Original profile joints


Topclamp Original consists of joints and aluminium profiles. The profiles can be supplied in square and round shapes. The connection between the joint and the tubes works with the patented Topclamp connector. This means that only one adjusting screw needs to be tightened to allow the connection to be made.


Customisation is available for the Topclamp Original building system.  Topclamp is available in every RAL colour.


The Topclamp Original joints and profiles are made of aluminium 6063T66. The material is an alloy of magnesium and silicon. Aluminium 6063T6 is a relatively light, yet strong material. The material is weather-resistant and easy to process.



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Accessories: wheels, adjusting bolts, caps, clamps, footplates, screw eyes, hinges, cellular rubber and various types of metal sheets.



Types of connections: Topclamp Original is available with a continuous- and staggered connection.



Dimensions staggered connection square profile:

   Joint size    Profile size

- 29.8 mm    - 23.3 mm

- 38.4 mm    - 29.8 mm

- 47.1 mm    - 38.4 mm


Dimensions continuous connection square profile:

  Joint size    Profile size

- 29.8 mm   - 29.8 mm

- 38.4 mm   - 38.4 mm

- 47.1 mm   - 47.1 mm


Dimensions staggered connection round profile:

   Joint size    Profile size

- 38.4 mm    - 29.4 mm


Dimensions continuous connection round profile:

   Joint size    Profile size

- 38.4 mm    - 38.4 mm



Benefits of Topclamp Original

By using the Topclamp Original construction system you enjoy the following benefits:


benefit 1 Easy to assemble and disassemble

benefit 2 Reusable

benefit 3 Sleek design

benefits High-quality industrial quality

 Easy to process

benefit 6 Various surface treatments possible​

Aluminium construction system


The aluminium profile joint system is often used in exhibition stands and shop fittings.

Topclamp EN
Topclamp Aluminium profile joint system
Topclamp Aluminium profile joint system
Topclamp EN